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For safe and legal disposal of contaminated soil, contact SGS for our expert excavated ground management services. Call our team today for the technical and scientific assistance you need for this task.

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During engineering works, demolition or the construction of new buildings, the resulting excavated ground needs to be managed and disposed of. This can be complex, as often this ground is contaminated due to previous industrial use of the land.

Our excavated ground management team can offer you the expertise you need.

We provide technical and scientific assistance, taking soil samples on-site, based on the excavation depth and volume. Analysis in our certified laboratories provides us with the results needed to assess the site and recommend the best techniques to remove or assign a value to, or valorize the excavated ground. Valorization makes it possible to remove surplus ground at the lowest cost and with respect to relevant legislation.

We ensure that your site is meeting all necessary regulatory requirements for safe disposal of the excavated ground and provide administrative assistance with the required documentation.

Call us today to find out more about implementing an excavated materials management plan to specifically suit your site needs.