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SGS provides a complete offering of hydrogeochemistry testing packages.

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These packages can provide the water chemistry for fresh water and groundwater samples encountered in mineral exploration, but not for salt water, brines, effluent solutions or metal-carrying solutions generated in processing circuits. SGS can analyze such samples, but the methods used take more time due to the presence of heavy matrices. In these cases, an extra charge will be incurred. Element detection limits also typically increase when you include these samples in your hydrogeochemical analysis.

If you require additional environmental tests beyond simple elemental analyses, we can help you seamlessly integrate with SGS’s environmental laboratory network.

ICP80T - Water Analysis by ICP-AES

Aluminium Al 50ppb Iron Fe 50ppb Sodium Na 50ppb
Antimony Sb 50ppb Lanthanum La 10ppb Strontium Sr 1ppb
Arsenic As 30ppb Lead Pb 30ppb Tin Sn 50ppb
Barium Ba 10ppb Magnesium Mg 50ppb Titanium Ti 10ppb
Beryllium Be 5ppb Manganese Mn 5ppb Tungsten W 50ppb
Bismuth Bi 50ppb Molybdenum Mo 10ppb Vanadium V 10ppb
Cadmium Cd 10ppb Nickel Ni 10ppb Yttrium Y 5ppb
Calcium Ca 50ppb Phosphorus P 50ppb Zirconium Zr 10ppb
Chromium Cr 10ppb Potassium K 100ppb Zinc Zn 5ppb
Cobalt Co 10ppb Scandium Sc 1ppb
Copper Cu 5ppb Silver Ag 1ppb

IMS80T - Water Analysis by ICP-MS

Antimony Sb 0.1ppb Holmium Ho 0.01ppb Strontium Sr 0.01ppb
Arsenic As 1ppb Indium In 0.01ppb Tantalum Ta 0.01ppb
Barium Ba 0.01ppb Lanthanum La 0.01ppb Tin Sn 0.01ppb
Beryllium Be 0.1ppb Lead Pb 0.01ppb Tellurium Te 0.1ppb
Bismuth Bi 0.01ppb Lutetium Lu 0.05ppb Terbium Tb 0.01ppb
Cadmium Cd 0.01ppb Manganese Mn 0.1ppb Thallium Tl 0.01ppb
Cerium Ce 0.01ppb Mercury Hg 0.2ppb Thorium Th 0.01ppb
Cesium Cs 0.01ppb Molybdenum Mo 1ppb Thulium Tm 0.01ppb
Chromium Cr 1ppb Neodymium Nd 0.01ppb Tungsten W 0.01ppb
Cobalt Co 0.1ppb Nickel Ni 0.1ppb Uranium U 0.01ppb
Copper Cu 0.1ppb Niobium Nb 0.01ppb Vanadium V 1ppb
Dysprosium Dy 0.1ppb Praseodymium Pr 0.01ppb Ytterbium Yb 0.01ppb
Erbium Er 0.01ppb Rubidium Rb 0.1ppb Yttrium Y 0.01ppb
Europium Eu 0.01ppb Samarium Sm 0.01ppb Zinc Zn 1ppb
Gadolinium Gd 0.01ppb Scandium Sc 0.1ppb Zirconium Zr 0.1ppb
Gallium Ga 0.01ppb Selenium Se 1ppb
Hafnium Hf 0.01ppb Silver Ag 0.01ppb

IMP80T - Precious Metals Add-on Package

Gold Au 0.1ppb
Iridium Ir 0.1ppb
Palladium Pd 0.1ppb
Platinum Pt 0.1ppb
Rhenium Re 0.1ppb
Rhodium Rh 0.1ppb
Ruthenium Ru 1ppb

Optional Water Determinations

PHY22V Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
ISE07T Fluoride F -
ISE08T Chloride Cl-

SGS provides you with geochemical support both as a strategic partner and technical advisor. Through our global network of operations and laboratories, we deliver a broad spectrum of chemical analysis of water, rocks, soil and other natural materials. Our geochemical laboratories have standardized methods, sample preparation techniques, staff training programs and formally documented quality management systems including data acceptance systems documented in on-site materials. SGS is committed to providing unparalleled geochemical analysis, giving you an accurate understanding of the groundwater chemistry at your site.