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The SGS environmental safety team can perform environmental safety studies to help you meet required legislation and minimize the risks of major accidents. Call our expert team today.

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We perform the environmental safety studies required by legislation for facilities at risk of major accidents. We can help you meet required regulations or we can work with you to implement your own self-designed system for your own peace of mind. You will be confident that your site is operating with compliance, protecting your people and safeguarding the environment.

Successful businesses take a proactive approach to their facility and environmental safety management. No one could disagree that it is safer and less costly to avoid environmental hazards than it is to deal with the consequences once an incident has occurred. Furthermore, facilities whose operations include potential environmental and safety dangers are obliged to provide a variety of safety reports and risk assessments.

We have years of experience in safety studies, examining a range of workplace scenarios for a cross-section of industries. Our team of registered safety experts will analyze your site and develop a safety plan designed to specifically suit your business.

Our assessment takes a complete overview of your site’s plant and equipment. We look at your architecture, engineering, technical offices and administration systems. We can also work with multi-tenanted facilities and include investigations of your insurances, inspection bodies and health and safety committees.

Risk assessments and emergency planning are provided along with all the necessary safety studies reports you need to support your compliance with national and international legislation. We can also help you with staff training and can assess your safety drills and procedures. We perform also quantitative risk assessments to help you lay out your site.

If you are unsure of whether to commit to a full environmental safety assessment, we have a range of free online tools you can use to perform an initial assessment yourself:

  • Safety data sheet (SDS) benchmark tool
  • Wind turbine safety check
  • Check whether legislation for the control of major accident hazards and dangerous substances applies to you

Protect your people, your facility and the environment. Call us today and arrange your environmental safety study.