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SGS is a global technical leader in the field of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD, also known as acid mine drainage) testing with years of global experience addressing the acid generating potential of projects.

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We have earned the reputation as an organization that truly understands acid rock drainage testing. The characterization of the acid-producing potential of ores is a vital component in the management of ARD and the prevention of long-term environmental liabilities. SGS offers comprehensive laboratory analysis of leachates, solids and effluent. We understand why you need to mitigate ARD and can provide you with extensive analysis including the following standard ARD tests:

  • Standard ASTM Humidity Cell Test
  • Static Net Acid Generation (NAG) Procedure
  • Modified Acid Based Accounting (ABA)
  • US EPA 1311 Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP)
  • US EPA 1312 Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure
  • Mineralogical identification of acid generating and neutralizing mineral phases

SGS understands the key to a successful testing program is proper sampling technique. All SGS sampling and laboratory analysis is performed in accordance with recognized global standards such as American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and International Standards Organization (ISO). Our qualified staff operate in laboratories with state-of-the-art instrumentation and use industry best practices.

Environmental Mineralogy

SGS can perform a full mineralogical characterization of rocks, ore and tailings to determine its acid generating or acid neutralizing potential. From such characterizations, acid generating minerals (e.g. pyrite, marcasite, pyrrhotite) and acid neutralizing minerals (e.g. calcite, dolomite) can be quantified. The ratio of these minerals and their locking or liberation characteristics will determine if a sample will be a net acid generator, thus providing data that will assist with environmental planning, closure planning, and rehabilitation. This type of fundamental data can then be used to determine project costs.

Whether you are in the early characterization stage during exploration, prevention stage during operations or a more advanced remediation phase during closure, SGS is the technical partner you can trust. We have an unsurpassed reputation for delivering quality testing and data to help you resolve environmental challenges. Work with us to ensure your ARD testing needs are dealt with in an effective and environmentally responsible manner.