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A waste water treatment study from SGS ensures that waste water is able to be safely disposed of or recycled for reuse in your operations.

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To prevent environmental pollution, it is essential to properly treat waste water before it is discharged into the sea, rivers or streams. The purification of waste water can mean safe disposal in compliance with regulations. Also, suitably treated waste water can be recycled and reused for irrigation and other high-quality water purposes. To meet all necessary water regulations in either of these cases, you can rely on our waste water purification services.

We are your best choice for independent and reliable inspection, verification, testing and certification. Our extensive experience with worldwide water agencies will ensure the success of your waste water purification project.

Whether you have a new treatment plant or an existing installation, we can look at new treatment innovations and improvements that can make a difference, such as aeration systems and disinfection treatment. We can also extend and enhance your existing operations with minimum disruption to your current business.

If you are operating your own self-monitoring system, our environmental teams can quality control and validate your water monitoring and sampling devices. Our checks include:

  • Reviewing the methods used for water sample collection
  • The placement and operating conditions of your sampling and monitoring devices
  • Sampling volumes
  • Temperature levels
  • Transport and storage conditions for water samples
  • Annual check of all self-monitoring data transmitted during the year

We validate your compliance to technical requirements such as:

  • Verification of systems checks
  • Assessment of the quality of evaluation devices and sensors
  • Organization of samples
  • Measurement controls
  • Cleanliness and level of silting

SGS also recently developed new technology to assess the biological content of your waters by using the innovative technology of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)-metry. ATP-metry is a fast and cheap quantitative method that will help you efficiently audit your treatment process and identify the needed improvements. We are the only company able to provide this second-generation ATP-metry on a global level.

Our accredited, multidisciplinary team of experts will ensure your compliance with all relevant regulations. We also provide technical advice and information at all stages of your project to ensure success. Call our experienced environmental team for your waste water treatment study today.