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Rheology and slurry flow services from SGS use state-of-the-art rheological testing and procedures to characterize the flow of slurries in many industrial processes.

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Rheology is the science of the flow of matter. The flow behavior of process slurries impacts energy and mass transfer-based unit operations. Processes that involve physical separation of liquids from solids and of solids from solids (i.e. slurries) are also rheology dependent.

Rheometallurgy applies these principals in a practical fashion to develop design criteria for metallurgical installations. The rheological properties of feed slurries:

  • Are a decisive factor in the success or failure of projects
  • Impact enormously in the economics of full-scale plants 
  • Help guide optimized equipment selection including pump sizing

Potential Applications of Rheology

  • Defining optimum pumping conditions for slurry transport provides direct design criteria. Typical examples include:
    • Pumping of concentrates, beneficiated products and tailings for disposal 
    • Pump sizing 
    • Paste characterization 
    • Slurry handling and screening 
    • Liquid-solid separation
  • Generating high temperature rheology data to characterize the flow of hot slurries. Such data informs the design of heat exchangers, autoclaves, heated holding tanks etc.
  • Process rheology and deposit mapping allow for the blending of ore, hence creating the pre-requisites for low cost slurry flow optimization throughout the plant
  • Product characterization – effective rheology testing provides you with correct mass balances, accurate process design data and efficient process conditions in operation 
  • Reaction monitoring and control and traditional engineering design

We use state-of-the-art rheological testing equipment and procedures. We can test a wide variety of ore, waste and chemical process slurries. We offer:

  • Rheology testing using standardized operating equipment
  • Design and development of specialized testwork to support slurry transport, solid liquid separation and pump scale-up
  • Data analysis by mathematical models
  • Recommendation of plant operating procedures
  • Preparation of design criteria for metallurgical processes and equipment sizing

Rheology Testing with SGS

A thorough rheological understanding of any slurry system is needed because flow properties influence the economics of any continuous operation involving mineral, metallurgical and chemical process slurries. Our experts:

  • Generate rheology data early in a project screening of unit processes for the proper allocation of project resources to the most effective process
  • Use test protocols established over many years of experience, allowing us to consistently achieve accurate test results
  • Provide expert data interpretation, leading to the selection of accurate process rheology design criteria and to solutions to project challenges
  • Have developed a comprehensive rheology database for minerals and metallurgical materials for benchmarking purposes
  • Have the depth of expertise to integrate process, environmental, analytical and mineralogical testing with rheological studies on a project-specific or stand-alone basis to give you the data you need to make informed decisions

Contact SGS today to find out more about our rheology and slurry flow services.