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Process mineralogy focuses on the relationships between ore and gangue minerals.

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The data generated from such studies characterizes the mineralogy and deportment (texture) of the various mineral phases in the ore to optimize recovery and selectivity and predict environmental sensitivities. For over fifty years, SGS has provided applied mineralogical support to thousands of extractive metallurgy projects and contributed to the development of hundreds of new mines. We provide a unique depth and breadth of High Definition Mineralogy expertise, equipment and advanced technologies.

SGS’s process mineralogy services provide detailed snapshots of the factors that influence grindability and metallurgical recovery. Such data is used to:

  • Support flowsheet development for grassroot start-ups.
  • Add to geometallurgy and variability studies in prefeasibility.
  • Troubleshoot pilot plant problems during feasibility.
  • Assist metallurgical accounting for on-going operations. 
  • Benchmark plants during audits and troubleshooting programs.

SGS mineralogy experts can determine the 

  • Presence of valuable or hazardous minerals. 
  • Deportment of gold in free milling or refractory ore.
  • Presence of favorable mineral species. 
  • Distribution of various ore domains throughout an orebody.
  • Mechanisms to upgrade concentrate quality.
  • Occurrence of deleterious mineral phases.

We have the experience to understand the influence of physical ore characteristics on metallurgical grade and recovery by quantifying

  • The particle size distribution of target minerals.
  • The textural associations of ore minerals with gangue. 
  • Grade-recovery curves for various species.

SGS is able to clarify reasons for poor or unexpected ore mineral recovery and grade performance by reviewing

  • The degree of liberation of target minerals in feed and products.
  • The deportment of valuable minerals in tailings streams.
  • The deportment of gangue minerals in concentrates.

Partner with SGS to use process mineralogy to optimize your grade and recovery at every stage of your project. Our international framework of expertise, coupled with our extensive equipment base means that we are the world’s leading provider of process mineralogy services.