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Sustainable Event certification from SGS – demonstrate your commitment to sustainability throughout the lifecycle of an event.

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SGS has created Sustainable Event certification as a means of demonstrating commitment to sustainability throughout the entire lifecycle of an event, from planning to disassembly.

For an event to be certified, it must meet the highest standards for the following three sustainability pillars:

  • Social Responsibility: promotion of equity, satisfaction and a sense of security via the consolidation of relationships
  • Environmental Integrity: awareness of behaviors that may, directly or indirectly, have a negative impact on the environment – in particular, on the location and its surroundings, natural resources, waste management and gaseous emissions
  • Economic sustainability: to be achieved alongside the other sustainability pillars

Why choose Sustainable Event certification from SGS?

Benefits of meeting the requirements for certification include:

  • Increased efficiency during the design process
  • Optimization of resources throughout the entire supply chain
  • Identification and mitigation of risks that could affect the environment, human life or heritage
  • Demonstration of transparency, integrity and commitment to sustainability

The certification process can be adapted for all types of events, including sports competitions, music festivals and cultural events.

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