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Brand protection audits from SGS protect, maintain, and build brands by inspecting and reporting on a dealership’s compliance to existing internal codes of practice during the sales process.

Highway in the dark

Our audits allow you to take the necessary steps to preserve one of your most valuable assets – your brand.

Dealer networks are the human face of the brand. They must be professional and embody your brand ethos in order to drive both the brand and the business forward. We can provide you with the broadest range of audit tools to ensure this happens, including:

  • Standard Audits: Assess factors that influence customers, directly or indirectly, and with that, your brand image, this can include, evaluating facts, data, layouts, key performance indicators (KPIs) amongst others.
  • Mystery Audits: Objective review of behaviors and processes in a dealership that impact the customer experience, thereby ensuring that dealers are committed to respecting and building the brand in their everyday activities.

The Benefits of SGS Brand Protection Audits

Our brand protection audits offer an independent and impartial auditing service from the largest provider worldwide, so you can feel confident you are getting audit results you can trust.

Key benefits:

  • Access to our unique worldwide network
  • A globally consistent service, enabling you to benchmark against your competitors
  • Solutions tailor-made to meet your project objectives
  • We can perform Brand Protection Audits at competitor dealerships for comparative purposes 
  • Our state-of-the-art IT solutions provide a real-time overview of your brand ethos presentation, across regions and geographies, precisely managed to your audit reporting objectives

With a wealth of experience in second party auditing for automotive OEMs our auditing team understands your operations and what you need to know to ensure your brand is fully protected. Based on your objectives our professional and experienced auditors deliver results-oriented audits, giving you the information you need to make business decisions.

Improve your business with brand protection audits from SGS. Contact your local office for more information.