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SGS tests the vehicle to grid (V2G) technology used in smart grid electric vehicles to ensure conformance with communications protocols. In turn, this enhances safety and allows for compliance with the relevant regulations.

Highway in the dark

To make electric mobility (or e-mobility) a reality, there must be intelligent communication between the electric vehicle, the charging station and the infrastructure. There is also a need for the bi-directional transmission of electrical energy (both V2G and Grid for Vehicle, or G4V) and for a comprehensive billing process.

With all of these requirements, safety is a paramount concern, particularly with regard to the charging process that takes place – unmonitored – over time. As an accredited test laboratory for telecommunications protocols in the field of signalling and voice, we have the expertise and experience to assist you with the:

  • Adaptation of the charging process to the
    • electrical properties of the battery
    • charge condition of the battery
    • intended charging period (downtime)
  • Recognition and adaptation of grid supply shortages
  • Online billing of energy purchased/supplied (which depends upon the current grid capacity utilization)
  • Authorization of users and prevention of abuse
  • Standardization of connections and interfaces to ensure a reliable supply at charging stations, by different operators, in different countries
  • Implementation of new value-added services

Contact SGS now to find out how our V2G communication services can ensure the safety of e-mobility and help you meet regulatory requirements.