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VDA 6.3 process audits – optimize your organization and supply chain processes and control process risk.

Highway in the dark

VDA 6.3 is an in-depth process based audit tool developed by VDA-QMC and the German automotive industry for organizations that provide automotive products or services. The 2016 third edition updates the process audit tool so that it is more practical and more closely reflects IATF 16949:2016 requirements.

The VDA 6.3 standard can be applied to any organization in the automotive industry as a process audit tool, regardless of the scale of business. These include companies involved with:

  • Research and development of functional systems and products
  • The assembly of products in various process technologies and manufacturing types or services

It is widely used, and similar standards exist in other industries.

Why choose VDA 6.3 process audits from SGS?

The process audit tool will detect crucial problems and/or deviations and their causes, so you can develop action plans to resolve them, with specific timings and responsibilities. This will allow you to improve and optimize processes, leading to further excellence for your organization.

The tool can be aligned with the entire product lifecycle, independent of its position within the supply chain. Targeted questions capture key elements in an individual process, while a quantitative assessment system and methodology provide measurable results regarding process elements.

A world leading provider of auditing services

We provide VDA 6.3 audits worldwide to support your internal processes and ensure compliance within supply chains. We also provide specialized audits, including:

  • Layered process audits
  • Potential supplier audits
  • Pre-launch readiness audits

We fully tailor each audit program to meet your specific requirements.

Using a risk management approach, our experienced auditors will check the plausibility of your action plan, follow up on deployment and ensure that failures are not repeated.

Our audits are neutral, so they do not cause a conflict of interest and do not create a risk of internal or supplier technology leaks.

By helping you to build a systematic process of continuous regular audits followed by improvement activity, we will ensure that your organization and supply chain remain sustainable and competitive.

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