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Highway in the dark

Overweight trucks and buses are dangerous from a road safety point of view and will cause premature damage to roads, infrastructure such as bridges and buildings. This in turn increases Road Agency Costs, such as Construction and Development, Rehabilitation and Maintenance together with associated labor and material.

Today some road contractors refuse to give a road guarantee unless assured of adequate axle load enforcement. In some countries weighbridges are also seen as avenue for corruptions and barriers to trade, especially on the main trade corridors. SGS’s vehicle axle load control service together with weighbridge management and consultancy services can provide governments and authorities (primary, secondary, tertiary and urban roads) with the independent expertise and assurance they need to apprehend trucks and buses with excessive vehicle axle loads, enhance road safety and put plans into place for road building and infrastructure requirements. Our consultancy and management services are designed to ensure a harmonized set of policies, regulations and enforcement measures, combined with the latest information and technology. From ‘green field’ design of an axle load control centre adapted and suitable for your specific environment, to enhancing and benchmarking existing weighing stations and operations to ‘best-in-class’.

Our services span from fixed weighing stations and scales to mobile operations over a 24/7/365 basis.

SGS can help by deploying fixed or mobile scales, staffing and utilizing weighbridges at points of entry such as ports and borders and at various strategic locations along main and alternative roads and especially along corridors on trade routes.  Weighbridge operations are also extremely useful for when trucks are leaving a factory or depot, for ascertaining port charges, for the safe use of cargo handling equipment, and at customs. We ensure level approaches before and after scales, level weighing equipment, i.e. Single Axle Weighers, Group Axle Weighers, Weighing-in-Motion (Slow Speed and High Speed), accurate weighing recorded on CCTV, data integrity and transmission to a client server or data centre.

We use also the opportunity to check the National ID, Vehicle Registration, Road Worthiness, Transport Permit and Drivers License.

Partner with SGS, and you will be safe in the knowledge that you are:

  • Selecting modern and adapted static and mobile weighing, test equipment and methods
  • Using efficient IT infrastructure to support operations
  • Training staff and management
  • Managing a public communications plan

Typically, our vehicle axle load control programs are phased in, concentrating on the most prevalent areas of risk, and then expanding to cover the rest of the vehicle population. But there is no single solution: every implementation is tailored to your precise requirements.