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SGS Environmental Analytics is one of the largest independent European Laboratory organizations with several offices all over Europe. The Environmental Division in Portugal provides the necessary support and services for the Portuguese market. Environmental analysis are mainly carried out by the environmental laboratory in Rotterdam, however can also be executed by one of the other two European SGS in the UK and Sweden. Due to the pan-European organization structure, SGS delivers a custom-made analyses and logistic solutions in order to support its European customers in the most optimal way. In short: your partner in analyses, local and Pan-European.

SGS Environmental Analytics offers thorough laboratory research linked with a comprehensive service package. All this is done under the heading to provide added value to our customer.

SGS Analytics service package includes:

  • client-friendly and expert client support
  • high rate of reliability for the delivery of analysis results
  • rush services
  • user-friendly data communication (@MIS)
  • logistics support
  • sample depots
  • free sample packaging materials
  • refrigerated storage facility

SGS’s environmental laboratory in Rotterdam, is a very modern and well equipped laboratory, accreditated according to criteria set by the Dutch Accreditation Council in conformity with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 under no. L028. SGS is also certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for ISO 9001:2015. For information about the accreditation and recognition of the SGS Analytics we refer to the navigation bar. Also find more detail information concerning the analysis, matrices portfolio, IT support and services of SGS Analytics.

SGS Environmental Analytics

Laboratories & Service centers

Laboratories & Service Centers

As a leading environmental laboratory SGS Environmental Analytics strives to deliver reliability and quality. This is realised through the knowledge that our personnel have built up over the years and by using the latest analytical methods available with the help of sophisticated analytical equipment. The quality of results is also established through personal attention and maintaining a strict and ambitious internal quality management system.

The primary process of the laboratories can be divided into 7 steps, all strictly managed by internal control systems.

The steps are as follows:

  • Client order, received by @MIS or other order tools
  • Temperate controlled transport by temperate controlled vans and/or validated transport cooling boxes
  • Sample registration in our local service centre or at the main laboratory
  • Sample preparation
  • Sample analyses
  • Result validation
  • Reporting

By using state-of-art barcode systems the samples can be tracked and traced during the complete process controlled by the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). All SGS run a LIMS system monitoring the process and in addition providing the management tools to achieve a lean production platform. 95% of the results are processed automatically, due to a high rate (at least 95%) of the instrument having an interface with the LIMS system.

The European laboratories and service centers of SGS Analytics are situated:

    • Laboratories:
  • Rotterdam The Netherlands
  • Langley United Kingdom
  • Hawarden United Kingdom
  • Linkoping Sweden
  • Service Centre:
    • Gennevilliers (Francia)

Due to the fact that SGS Analytics will continue to develop the registration activities at a local (i.e. country) level, please contact your account/sales manager for more information of new service centre locations. Please find more information concerning IT solutions, quality control and analysis on this website.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands

SGS’s environmental laboratory in Rotterdam, is a very modern and well equipped laboratory, accredited according to criteria set by the Dutch Accreditation Council in conformity with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 under no. 028. SGS is also certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance for ISO 9001:2015. In addition, SGS has AP04 recognition pursuant to the Building Materials Decree (Bouwstoffenbesluit) and OVAM recognition, BIM recognition, Animaal recognition and Walloon recognition in Belgium.

SGS Environmental Analytics offers its clients reliable service, which is expressed for example in a reliable quality of the analyses, a high rate of delivery reliability and customised automation. Client orientation is of paramount importance. Moreover, SGS invests constantly in further expansion of its analysis and service package so that it can continue to serve its clients well in future.

SGS Environmental Analytics

Quality & Accreditation


SGS Environmental Analytics uses a dynamic integrated Quality System and aims at continuous improvement of results. It is accredited NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025:2005 nr. L028 and certified NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015. Those norms form the foundation of SGS’s Quality System. Moreover, our laboratory has different recognitions abroad: among others by Wallonie, Brussels Gewest for Belgium and the French Ministry of ecology and sustainable development. Our QHS&E department works actively towards improvement, following the Deming Principle. Education and training of our employees play a very important role. Our principle: quality comes from your employees!

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is actively monitored: the safety of our employees is one of the most important corner stones of our organisation. To guarantee their safety, we set up procedures, perform audits and train our teams. Besides, SGS has a dedicated Safety Team and there are enough first aid trained employees throughout the organisation to help in case of an emergency.


SGS is conscious of her impact on her surroundings. Next to the necessary authorizations, SGS implemented an environmental system accredited NEN-EN-ISO 14001:2015. SGS audits her main suppliers to ensure their environmental awareness.

Working at SGS

SGS' aim is to provide the very best Environmental and Food testing so that customers have the Confidence to Act on our results. Our approach to testing is simple: we use our expertise and experience to rapidly deliver reliable results so our customers waste little time waiting and interpreting our findings - just acting on them. We take pride in providing excellent customer service, if we fail - we try harder. With over 2000 trained staff we operate in 11 European countries and are expanding to take our services into new markets. Are you interested in working at SGS Environmental Analytics? Look at Jobs at the 'News & Media' section and see if there is a fitting job opening for you!

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